Is Being Good Good Enough?

To be good is good enough for most people brought up and nurtured in our secular society. They shoulder-dress against “practicing” folks and affirm that they are as good – if not better than some. Morality, is the measure of their confidence. But, is being morally good good enough? Especially, when we see morality change forms with every generation and whim of fashion. The generation of my parents would shudder at our adopted social positions. Now, if you are “politically correct”, you have license to form your own judgements as to what is acceptable. But, are we not limiting our existence to the sum total of empirical measures and formulae? As Tennyson would say, “For what are men better than sheep or goats, if knowing God, they raise not hands of prayer, both for themselves and those that call them friend…”

We have that extra extension to our personalities that raises us above creatures that learn from traits, trials and errors. We conceive beauty and are able to admire and appreciate it. We form attachments that are above the level of survival and habit. We are able to conceive a level of consciousness that transcends worldliness. We are gifted with imagination that allows us to conceive a creative power that transforms all things in an ever evolving process towards a more perfect state. Since primal times humans have had this awareness. Like growing children, we forget our origins; where we came from, and the predetermined finishing point. If we ignore this, we are indeed no more than sheep that eat and bleat, and then they are no more. From slithering things to two legged things that raise their eyes heavenwards, we are co-creators in this symphony of evolving grace. Missing, therefore, in “goodness” are the forgotten seeds of humility, gratitude and love – the graces required to see ourselves as both human and divine.